Check out these testimonials to learn how multiple institutions have successfully adopted and utilized SmarterServices to further the success of their students and faculty members. 

What Our Clients Have to Say About SmarterProctoring

Our faculty love the consolidated features, it is much quicker and more responsive as they work through it. It is easy to use and cuts out SO MANY forms that were used previously, a very centralized approach that helps out immediately. Our students love that there are more proctor options in the database. It’s so much easier and quicker for scheduling and session setup.

San Juan College

Automated has been a great soultion for both student and instructors and widely accepted by both groups. SmarterProctoring has given us a one-stop-shop for test creation, scheduling and ensuring exam information is consistent.

Western Texas College

We integrated SmarterProctoring through Schoology, our campus wide LMS. Assessments varied from campus wide benchmarks to classroom summative assessments. Overall, teachers were pleased with the proctoring solution given to them, particularly in advanced academic courses. We created trainings that allowed our teachers to set up the tool within Schoology, and then provided trainings and documents for how to set up and adminster an exam. Our teachers were thankful for the availability of SmarterProctoring, especially after trainings and documentation were given to ease the process.

Hannah Beth Davis Ketteman

Digital Learning, Temple ISD

The new SmarterProctoring system (2.0) is streamlined and easy to use for all parties. It is very intuitive and the proctor approval process is very good and easy to manage as well.

The Universty of Alabama

Prior to the pandemic event, our institution had no AI proctoring services but quickly realized this was a gap in our academic technology toolset as we, like many other institutions needed to place all of our learning online in short order. With SmarterProctoring’s assistance within only one week’s time, EOU was able to process a contract for service, integrate their services into our learning management service (Canvas), and come up with cogent and clear user training materials (both print and video) for both our campus faculty and students.

Eastern Oregon University

It is my pleasure to recommend the remote proctoring services provided by SmarterServices. North Carolina University (NCCU) implemented SmarterProctoirng in March 2020 due to the swift pivot to remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Within two weeks of contacting a representative at SmarterServices, the remote proctoring solution was up and running.

Kimberly Phifer-McGhee

Ed.D, Associate Vice Chancellor for Extended Studies and Student Support, North Carolina Central University

It has brought us into the future and helped to streamline and centralize our scheduling process. There are no more email back-ups to deal with. The scheduling told has really changed things for the better! This solution has helped us be able to manage and grow with the increasing enrollment at the school.

Wake Tech

Our students are very happy with the ease of use when scheduling sessions. The adminsters see the system as increasing user integrity and makes the distance learning program more credible than before.


Grambling State University

I would highly recommend SmarterServices as your online proctoring solution provider. Not only am I pleased with automated proctoring, but I can honestly say in our three-year history with SmarterServices, their customer services is top-notch.

Stephanie Ducheanux

Dean of Instructional Affairs, Western Texas College

What Our Clients Have to Say About SmarterMeasure

We promote SmarterMeasure each time we present about our college’s special project regarding improving distance learning outcomes. It is a critical component of our plan for student success.

Meg Foster

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

We, at Sheridan College and Gillette College, feel that SmarterMeasure is an effective assessment tool for all incoming college students and not just online students. From time management to street management to computer literacy, the assessments in SmarterMeasure will provide solid feedback for students entering higher education. SmarterMeasure has been a staple in our College Orientation course for two years now.

Stoney Gaddy

Sheridan College

The SmarterMeasure Assessment is comprehensive, thorough, and easy to use for students and staff. What you learn about your students through the assessment really allows you to tailor your support resources to their needs.

Richard Brungard

Penn State World Campus