Flexible Options That Fit Your Students


Flexible Options That Fit Your Students

Not all students learn the same. That’s why supporting the way your students learn and creating a flexible, safe, and reliable testing experience for them is crucial to their success. SmarterProctoring offers both in-person and online proctoring that protects the credibility of the institution, security of the exam, and privacy of the student all while creating an easy-to-use exam management solution that caters to your students’ unique circumstances.

Student Benefits of SmarterProctoring

Preferred Testing Options

When using SmarterProctoring, your instructors have the ability to switch from face-to-face proctoring, to online proctoring, to a hybrid model at any time to better assist students. Whether locally or internationally, all students can be protected with SmarterProctoring.


Scheduling, rescheduling, and taking an exam through SmarterProctoring is easy to do with our 100% browser-based web application that will function in all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Edge across both Mac and Windows devices with no additional downloads required.


As an easier, more secure option than internal campus mail or email testing centers and proctors, SmarterProctoring provides a basic level of learner authentication that is automated. This contains multi-factor authentication including facial recognition, IP logging, geocoding, and collecting an image of a government-issued ID.

SmarterProctoring Features Include

  • All exam session scheduling and rescheduling is done through the SmarterProctoring dashboard from within the course in the LMS
  • Ability to manage all proctoring options and add/remove choices for students as needed during the semester
  • Enhanced ADA compliance
  • Using Live, students can schedule, pay, get refunds, test their equipment, and begin a live, virtual proctoring session with one of our trained proctoring professionals
  • The ability for multiple currencies and time zones to accommodate local and international students
  • Proctors identified near the student from our database of over 2,500 testing centers and proctoring professionals
  • Scheduling and rescheduling exams in SmarterProctoring using the browser on the student’s computer, mobile phone, or tablet
  • A centralized location for exam materials available directly in the student’s account
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SmarterProctoring Comparison Guide

View all of SmarterProctoring’s features and benefits and compare them with other proctoring solutions on the market by downloading our free comparison spreadsheet.

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