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An easy, credible, secure, and flexible proctoring platform for all of your certification candidates.

An Easy, Credible Way to Ensure Integrity in Professional Certifications

Easily managing your certifications, keeping the content of your certifications secure, and validating your candidates is an important part of protecting your integrity. Your organization has worked hard to establish the high-standards of your certification and deserves a proctoring platform the maintains the same level of credibility that you have. And SmarterProctoring can help with that. 

SmarterProctoring for Professional Certifications provides an easy, safe, and credible certification proctoring option that works with multiple modalities to validate your candidates before their exams, detect anomalies potentially related to cheating/distributing your certification to the public, and to keep your exam protected.

Flexibility For Your Candidates

Each of your candidates learns differently and tests differently. When it comes to their certification, they need a professional proctoring solution that flexes with their needs. 

With SmarterProctoring for Certifications, you can provide your candidates with several flexible proctoring modalities to better support them in the way that works best for them. This allows them to schedule their certification at a time and place at their convenience.


Proctoring Certification Modalities

No matter which way you’re certifying your candidates, SmarterProctoring for Professional Certifications can help provide your organization with a centralized proctoring experience using the following modalities:

  • Live Online Proctoring: A human proctor observes the testing session in real-time. 
  • Automated Proctoring: Automated anomaly detection identifies testing irregularities. 
  • Hybrid Virtual Proctoring: With this modality, companies can craft their own online proctoring model by utilizing their human resources (testing center staff and/or faculty) to serve as the virtual proctors assisted by our artificial intelligence for anomaly detection.
  • Local Testing Center Proctoring: Provided at a test center near the candidate. 
  • Proctoring Professionals: Network of individuals that other companies/schools may have approved (ie. human resource directors, pastors, school principals, etc.).
  • Instructor as a Proctor: Instructors may proctor exams for local students at dates/times determined by the instructor.

Keeping Your Certification Secure

When using our Automated Proctoring or Hybrid Virtual Proctoring modality, the system’s artificial intelligence (AI) will monitor the candidates’ screen, webcam, and microphone as well as lockdown their browser thus preventing other apps from capturing content. Screen capturing and copy/paste functionality are also disabled during the exam to ensure the integrity of the certification. Throughout the test, the AI will detect and determine whether portions of the exam should be flagged for further review by your organization. You’ll also have the option to require your candidates to schedule and take their certification in-person through a testing center for added in-person security.

Flexibility For Your Testing Managers

With the help of SmarterProctoring for Professional Certifications, Testing Managers, Associations, and Certification Leaders are provided with the ability to flex their free time, flex their budget, and maintain their certification integrity.

Flex Your Budget

Flexible pricing options allow you to only pay for the type of testing management that best suits your employee and candidate preferences. With online and automated proctoring options, you can reduce your physical testing center needs and the costs associated with it.

Flex Your Free Time

SmarterProctoring gives you back more time by limiting manual tests, automating standard proctoring processes like scheduling certification tests, and flagging anomalies, and providing multiple modalities like in-person, hybrid, and automated proctoring options.

Maintain Your Certification Integrity

The integrity of your candidates’ certification test results and your exam content are certain when you have SmarterProctoring’s professional certification management solution.

Learn how to Humanize Virtual Proctoring For Your Candidates

Watch this on-demand webinar from Dr. Mac Adkins, Founder and Chief Academic Officer of SmarterServices, to learn how to humanize virtual proctoring for all of your certification candidates through SmarterProctoring while still protecting the academic integrity of your assessments and maintaining individual academic integrity throughout the certification.

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