Live Proctoring

Ensure your students’ testing integrity with SmarterProctoring Live. With Live, our highly trained proctoring professionals monitor your students’ virtual exams in real-time, while giving your institution the peace of mind needed to deliver a credible, easy-to-use exam experience.

How Live Works

Using Live, students can schedule, pay, get refunds, test their equipment, and begin a live, virtual proctoring session with one of our trained proctoring professionals. As our live proctors monitor the students’ entire exam, your institution can expect testing and academic integrity to be met throughout the exam. 

As an additional layer of support, SmarterProctoring’s proctoring technology will assist the live proctoring in detecting anomalies throughout the proctoring session.


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  • All exams are monitored by a professionally trained SmarterServices proctor with assistance from SmarterProctoring’s AI technology to help flag testing anomalies
  • Documented proctoring/test-taker correspondence with the ability to securely share recordings
  • Recorded audio and video of webcam and desktop
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  • Loss of session prevention if a proctor loses connection – the session will automatically be recorded and the student will be switched to Automated Proctoring without interruption
  • Room scan, system check, and ID validation available to ensure testing integrity
  • Proctors can communicate in real-time with the students via chat or integrated audio

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  • Ability for proctors to control keyboard/mouse for students’ browser if assistance is needed
  • Ability for proctors to stop the exam within the LMS if cheating is observed
  • Customized lockdown settings by exam
  • Customizable onboarding and intervention playbooks to help standardize delivery for your institution

Benefits of Live

  • Immediate live tech support from inside the application (24/7/365)
  • Simple Chrome extension installation
  • LMS integrations with Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace D2L,
    Sakai, and others
  • Mac, Windows, and Chromebook supported
  • Live integration with 4 types of virtual calculators
SmarterProctoring Virtual Proctoring Comparison Guide

Check Out All the Features and Benefits of Live

Learn more about Live, along with other SmarterProctoring modality features by downloading our free SmarterProctoring Comparison Guide. This guide will provide you with a complete list of over 60 different SmarterProctoring features, along with easy access to compare our platform’s features with other proctoring solutions on the market.

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