Supporting the Way Your Instructors Teach


Supporting the Way Your Instructors Teach

Your instructors are busy. That’s why it’s important to give them an easy-to-use, credible exam management solution that supports the way they teach. SmarterProctoring makes it easy for them to administer and manage exams by limiting manual tasks, automating standard proctoring processes, and providing options to suit every type of test-taker.

Flexible Benefits for Instructors

Making Their Job Easier

With our exam management platform, instructors can stop tracking down what each student is doing individually, reduce the manual burden of managing exams, and have the ability to provide flexible accommodations of the same exam for different learners.

Making Their Job Organized

With SmarterProctoring, instructors are given a tool to help them keep their students, exam materials, schedules, and systems straight.

Making Their Job Flexible

SmarterProctoring offers the flexibility required by instructors to teach their students in the best way possible. With fully on-demand options, faculty members are able to use textbook tools to deliver exams and designate allowed proctoring modes.

Software Checklist

 SmarterProctoring Features Include

  • Start-to-finish recording of all exam sessions with the ability to review all anomalies from each session through Automated Proctoring
  • A Hybrid Virtual Proctoring modality that gives institutions the ability to deliver live, online proctoring solutions by utilizing their internal testing staff, supplementing with trusted partners, and falling back to automated proctoring when required.
  • Enhanced ADA compliance
  • A Live Proctoring modality where students can schedule, pay, get refunds, test their equipment, and begin a live, virtual proctoring session with one of our trained proctoring professionals
  • 100% browser-based web application that will function in all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Edge across both Mac and Windows devices with no additional software required
  • Single point of truth for all proctoring communication right from within the LMS
  • Multiple third-party integrations including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Sakai, Moodle, Lumen, Aleks, MathXL, MyMathLabs, MyLabStatistics, MyLab Accounting, and more
  • All exam session scheduling and rescheduling done through the SmarterProctoring dashboard from within the course in the LMS
  • Detailed reports that can be created about proctoring events for courses, locations, students, or instructors
  • Look down browser flags if a student performs tasks outside of the exam window

SmarterProctoring Comparison Guide

View all of SmarterProctoring’s features and benefits and compare them with other proctoring solutions on the market by downloading our free comparison spreadsheet.

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