Hybrid Virtual Proctoring

Hybrid Virtual Proctoring provides institutions greater control and flexibility over how their online proctoring services function. It is the only proctoring platform that gives institutions the ability to deliver live online proctoring solutions using a set of shared resources.

Why Hybrid Virtual Proctoring?

Whether it’s the lack of trust students have when not knowing who’s remotely proctoring them, the cost burden of virtual proctoring for both institutions and students, or the lack of cheating deterrent when being proctored online – these concerns are real and an issue for both students and institutions alike.

At SmarterServices, we hear those concerns loud and clear. Not only do we hear them, but we’ve created a solution to help eliminate these concerns with our Hybrid Virtual Proctoring Platform.

We understand that the concept of proctoring is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Hybrid Virtual Proctoring takes the inherent flexibility of the SmarterProctoring system and applies this to how online proctoring services are delivered. Through Hybrid Virtual Proctoring, institutions can easily control every aspect of online proctoring, including those who act as the remote online proctor while lowering the overall servicing costs.

How Hybrid Virtual Proctoring Works

Historically, the large majority of proctoring has been handled through either an institution’s testing center or online proctoring vendors. Institutions have been forced to operate with these two distinct channels to service their students.

COVID-19 began to push institution testing center managers to think about other ways to remotely proctor during shutdowns. To accommodate this requirement, they turned to tools such as Zoom to remotely proctor their students. While these tools work, they do not have the proper feature set to effectively proctor on a large scale.

Everything an Institution Needs in a Remote Proctoring Platform

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Utilize all resources to serve students

Create secure, collaborative spaces to effectively proctor

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Accountability with agility

Customize, track, and manage all aspects of proctoring via a centralized dashboard

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Privacy and security first

 The peace of mind of running on a resilient and scalable student-centric platform

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Trusted partnership

Rely on a trusted relationship with SmarterSevices 24/7/365 support


  • Institutions can utilize their own proctoring resources to cut costs and enhance the level of deterrent.
  • Instructors can choose which proctoring levels students can be proctored at for each exam throughout the semester
  • Instructors can optimize different computer and/or browser lockdown technology during an exam
  • Students can choose a time to schedule and take their exam when it works best for them
  • Institutions can control when proctoring resources are available.
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  • Live online proctoring at automated proctoring costs
  • Institutions and students save money by reducing the need for high priced third-party virtual proctors 
  • Proctors can work from home when physical test centers are closed or in low-demand, reducing the cost of keeping a test center open
  • Hybrid Virtual Proctoring is fully backed by SmarterServices’ 24/7/365 support
  • If a proctoring modality is full, students will automatically be placed in the next available virtual proctoring modality without having to reschedule their exam
  • Proctors can monitor and assist multiple students in real-time at one time instead of reviewing recordings
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Reduced Concerns 
  • Safety and security are provided to students as SmarterProctoring never monitors their device beyond an exam session, and never shares or sells the students’ information with third-parties
  • Student trust can be established by utilizing proctoring staff affiliated with the institution
  • Institutional testing integrity is preserved through the use of institutional proctors


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    • LMS integrations with Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace D2L, Sakai, and others
    • Live incident tagging assistance through the use of Automated Proctoring technology
    • Ability to control keyboard/mouse for students’ browser if assistance is needed
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    • Customizable room capacity where proctors can monitor up to 10 concurrent sessions
    • Multiple proctors can be in a single room
    • Ability to focus and communicate with a single student at a time, while still being able to monitor the other students in room
    • Built-in documentation features
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    • Integrated text and audio communication between the proctor and the students
    • Loss of connection prevention if a proctor loses connection – The session will automatically be recorded and the student will be switched to Automated Proctoring without interruption.

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    New Integration Available: ClassCalc

    Introducing ClassCalc — a calculator application that is integrated into SmarterProctoring’s Virtual Proctoring modalities.

    With the optional ability to enable this feature in each exam’s configuration, this integration helps to eliminate student distractions, creates equity by reducing the cost of purchasing advance calculators, promotes academic integrity while monitoring test-takers’ calculator use, and empowers test-takers with the right tools for greater student success.

    Download our free info sheet to learn more about the features and benefits of our new ClassCalc integration.

    RegisterBlast Integration


    The Hybrid Virtual Proctoring system is tightly integrated into RegisterBlast, the leading academic test center scheduling platform. Through this integration, testing centers can conveniently and confidently manage their physical and remote proctoring schedules from one place.

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