SmarterMeasure is a web-based assessment that measures non-cognitive attributes, technical skills, and readiness for online and self-regulated learning. Students receive a detailed report of their results with positive reinforcement and helpful resources. Since developed in 2002, SmarterMeasure has been taken by over 6 million students.

Benefits of SmarterMeasure

Easy Integration

Integrates easily into third-party technologies with a clean and simple interface

Improved Retention

Informs decision-making on how to improve retention

Industry Leader

First readiness assessment to market and an industry leader

Increased Awareness

Improves students’ awareness of personal challenges that may impact their success


Makes the advising experience more personal and efficient

SmarterMeasure Features

  • Customized delivery via LMS integration, single-sign-on, or custom user interface
  • Immediate graphical and textual feedback, suggestions for improvement, and resources for support in student report
  • Collects student data which is exportable in aggregate
  • Measures up to 10 areas of learner readiness

Measures Several Components of Learning Readiness

  • Life factors
  • Individual attributes
  • Learning styles
  • Technical competency
  • Technical knowledge
  • On-screen reading rate and recall
  • Typing speed and accuracy
  • LMS competency

The SmarterMeasure Assessment is comprehensive, thorough, and easy to use for students and staff. What you learn about your students through the assessment really allows you to tailor your support resources to their needs.

Richard Brungard

Penn State World Campus

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