SmarterID is a user authentication system that uses typing biometric and facial recognition technology to validate a student’s identity and document attendance. Accommodation, privacy, and credibility are obtained as schools can choose the most suitable security level. It can be used inside of SmarterProctoring or as as standalone application.

Benefits of SmarterID

Prevents Cheating

Provides deterrent and helps prevent cheating on project-based learning and exams


Standardizes identity practices for online students


Empowers faculty to identify suspicious behavior

Attendance Verification

Meets federal aid regulations by verifying attendance


Protects from costly fines associated with cheating scandals

Academic Integrity

Keeps promise of academic integrity

Authentication Methods

Provides the option to authenticate via the student’s unique typing biometric or through facial recognition software


Offers ADA compliant accommodation and accessibility for all learners


Grants security to the students

SmarterID user authentication

SmarterID Features

Typing biometric, facial recognition and government-issued ID authentication software options

Robust reporting with detailed user activity

Instant flagging and alerts of suspicious activity

Customized remedial resources

Using with SmarterProctoring

State-of-the-art authentication system

Useful for documenting records of attendance

Verifies identification to ensure academic integrity

Using with SmarterProctoring

Free Helpful Resource

If you’re interested in learning more about SmarterID or need assistance authenticating learners during online course work, download our free informational flyer to learn more about the benefits and features that SmarterID can provide your institution with.

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