Case Studies

Check out our latest case studies to learn how multiple institutions adopt and utilize SmarterServices to further the success of their students and faculty members. 

Creating Consortium Continuity and Equitable Education with SmarterProctoring

Creating Consortium Continuity and Equitable Education with SmarterProctoring

As a consortium made up of 15 community colleges, Mississippi Virtual Community College needed a way to help serve each student’s proctoring needs, while offering equitable education and continuity. Here’s how SmarterProctoring helped.

Ancora Education Case Study

The Relationship Between Reading Skills and the Retention of College Students

In this case study with Ancora Education, we used data from the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator to determine the relationship between reading skills and the retention of college students.

Somerset Community College Case Study

Boosting Confidence and Increasing Student Success Through the Use of SmarterMeasure

In this case study, learn how Somerset Community College was able to help their students gain confidence and create success with the use of SmarterMeasure.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Program for Allied Health Case Study

Overcoming Obstacles: Setting Learners Up for Success Through SmarterMeasure

Read this case study to learn how Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Center for Programs in Allied Health helps and understands each of their students.

University of North Georgia SmarterMeasure Case Study

Providing Targeted Support for First-Time Undergraduate Students

Read this case study to learn how The University of North Georgia used SmarterMeasure to provide their first-time undergraduate students with support to increase student retention and success.

Old Dominion University Case Study

Optimizing Efficiency, Creating Security, and Accommodating All Learners Through SmarterProctoring

Here’s how Old Dominion University established a centralized proctoring solution to best meet the needs of their growing online student population.

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Proctoring Through a Pandemic: Providing Accommodation for All

Learn how Florida State College at Jacksonville quickly adopted SmarterProctoring Automated as a solution to accommodate all of their students and instructors.

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New Research: How One College Reduced Online Course Failure by 10%

Middlesex Community College was able to achieve a 10% reduction in failure rates in their online courses through using non-cognitive data. Read this case study to learn how they were able to accomplish this. 

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Aeronautics School Utilizes SmarterMeasure to Increase Student Success

Check out this case study to learn how Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology used SmarterMeasure to create a quality education for their students.

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Assisting Under-Prepared Learners through Measuring Learning Readiness

Learn how STADIO Holdings used SmarterMeasure to determine the learner readiness of their students while still providing them with high-quality programs to help them succeed no matter the circumstance.

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